Tea Tasting

What is it about tea parties? How do little girls and even little boys know about them? Right? How many of you have sat through a tea party with a collection of dolls and such fine edibles as leaves and sand and rocks pretending all the while that you are at the finest of establishments?

Since my early days of plastic teapots and muddy tea, I’ve taken tea at the Savoy London and at Brown’s Hotel. I graced Betty’s Tea Room once or twice and thought for a while that Darjeeling was my best friend. In short, I love a good tea party.

I can’t claim to organize anything nearly as posh as these establishments. But what fun to taste tea with a group of friends and a wide variety of tea!


IMG_7150 IMG_7151 IMG_7152 IMG_7154
Scone bites
I used the Women’s Bean Project Denver Tea Room Cream Scone Mix from Trade As One to make tiny bite-sized scones, which I placed in a little plastic dish and topped with Strawberry Jam from The Cherry Hut. A dollop of whipped cream on top makes a delightful and light twist on the tea room tradition.

IMG_7145Berries in a tiny cup with a pinch of lemon zest and a taste of mascarpone are super refreshing and a great way to cleanse the palate.

IMG_7149 IMG_7146Melba toast with a spoonful of brie and apricot jam looks like little eggs but packs in the flavor.

I like to taste the gamut of teas when I do a tasting so we all get a sense for the nuances between greens, whites, oolongs, and blacks.

IMG_7155 IMG_7156 IMG_7158 IMG_7159

My recommendations are:
Pai Mu Tan (white), Jade Cloud (green), Formossa Oolong, and Lover’s Leap (black). To round it all out and if there is time, I end with the tea that isn’t tea – our Compassion Spice rooibos. It finishes so well as it is comforting and calming.

With fall here and the holidays creeping up, now is a great time to break out the fancy china and plan a tea tasting with your friends!


Tea Floats

IMG_5261The day turned hot, and intensive spring-cleaning made it hotter. Moving furniture and vacuuming and rethinking room plans consumed hubby and me. The kids hit their boredom peak as the sun tipped toward the west, and we sent them into the pool for a cool down. And I headed to the kitchen.

Our family chooses not to drink soda. There is no need for that much sugar in our diet. We get plenty, to be sure! So, what does one do when an afternoon is screaming for a Root Beer Float?

One makes a Tea Float instead!

IMG_5262That afternoon, I chose our new Sweet Chai tea. I mixed 1 cup brewed tea with ¾ cup of sparkling water and then added vanilla ice cream. I’ve also tried our Creamy Earl Grey. The results are dreamy! The Sweet Chai float reminds me of a Root Beer Float with its sweetness and subtle bite. The Creamy Earl Grey float tastes like an iced latte. I have plans for trying Coconut Oolong the next time I get to the store and remember to buy vanilla ice cream. Really, I think we have a lot of flavors that would work brilliantly. And the summer is new and fresh, so we have plenty of time to experiment!

What flavor Tea Float will you try?IMG_5260