All around the world, for years beyond measure, tea has brought people together.  Today, Compassion Tea seeks to enhance this spirit––to inspire compassion, for people thousands of miles away, through sharing tea. As you enjoy this blog and consider purchasing a quality tea, know that all Compassion Tea profits are donated to CompassioNow to help provide essential healthcare to the world’s least served.

CompassioNow, founded in 2005 under the name the CareNow Foundation, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping medical clinics in rural Africa. These are places where the most basic healthcare is scarce or non-existent. CompassioNow focuses on delivering much needed medicines and on teaching and training local people in fundamental healthcare practices which will have an even greater long-term effect by building self-sufficiency in the communities they serve. Please visit www.compassionow.org for more information on CompassioNow’s current activities and future plans in Africa.

Compassion Tea was founded by a group of individuals dedicated to sharing quality teas from around the world and to providing care for those in need. Each has traveled to Africa and seen firsthand the suffering as well as the difference a helping hand can make. Thank you for joining us!

Visit www.compassiontea.com to order your favorite tea

share tea, save lives

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