Every 6 Seconds

Everyone up! Time to start the day! “What’s for breakfast?” On the way to school, “What did you pack for me in my snack and in my lunch?” After dropping daughter off, son says, “When we get home, may I have a snack?” We leave the house for a play date or running errands. “Did […]

Tis the Season… to Donate?

A friend of mine from high school recently lamented on Facebook that everywhere she turns she is hounded by someone expecting her to make a donation. Would you like to add $1 to your purchase to help XYZ charity? Put money in my kettle! Hi, I’m calling from XYZ to ask for your support this […]

Sanctity of Life

It has been roughly 11 years since I saw my first ultrasound, saw the little bean of a baby and watched the fluttering butterfly of a heart inside. And while it hurts a lot less these days, I still remember walking into the doctor’s office in great anticipation of seeing that little heart bigger and […]