Cold Shower Water? That’s Nothing!

This morning, I stepped into the shower and sighed the half asleep sigh of contentment. Suddenly, my back arched as cold water plummeted out of the faucet and down my body shocking me into a state of awakeness I was sure I wasn’t ready for. ARGH! The cold water quickly warmed up again and I […]

Tis the Season… to Donate?

A friend of mine from high school recently lamented on Facebook that everywhere she turns she is hounded by someone expecting her to make a donation. Would you like to add $1 to your purchase to help XYZ charity? Put money in my kettle! Hi, I’m calling from XYZ to ask for your support this […]


There is a dripping sound in our bathroom. It’s been there for months. We thought it was the air conditioning/furnace in the attic above. And it was. Ironic that in this drought, in this period of desert living, we’ve had a hot water leak under the house and an air conditioning leak in the attic. […]

Our Most Precious Resource

In the court of public opinion, there are no winners. Am I the only one who thinks like this? I’ve crafted a life that very carefully kowtows to the various cults out there… the environmental cults of save the trees and save the animals from plastics, and the food cults that say processed is bad […]

Talk About Weather

I should be a Midwestern girl at heart, and I probably would still be if it weren’t for the weather. I grew up in eastern Indiana and moved to northeastern Ohio when I was heading into high school. I don’t recall ever feeling like the weather was oppressive, although, I do recall staring out across […]

Surprising Joy

Summer has had a hard time coming this year. Late rains and cool temps have played havoc with the usual spring festivities. And yet, today, the first official day off since school let out last Friday, turned out perfect. Blue skies with huge puffy clouds skirting across blended with the verdant greens of the trees […]