Waddington — A Success Story

It’s nearing the end of summer and most people can point to someone in their sphere of influence who has suffered a broken bone this summer. As inconvenient as it is, the bone is x-rayed, set, and tended. In no time, the bone is healed and life continues. But, in rural Africa, bones aren’t always cared for.

In 2009, 8 year old Waddington broke his leg in an accident in rural Zambia. For three months, he lived with the broken bones and without any proper care or medical intervention. A severe infection set into the bone and Waddington was becoming a very ill young man. His village became concerned and transported him to Chalabessa Medical Clinic, a rural clinic supported by Mission Medic Air and CompassioNow. Sister Marta and the Mission Medic Air team knew that if they didn’t act quickly, Waddington would be permanently and severely crippled, if he survived at all. They transported him to Lusaka where he was treated for his infection and where his leg was surgically reset. Ed and Wendy, co-founders of CompassioNow, met Waddington back at Chalabessa a few months later while he was still on crutches. At that time, Waddington vowed that he would study hard to be prepared for whatever God had in store for him after saving his life.

Two years later, Ed and Wendy flew to Zambia again and met Waddington. But this trip, Waddington had no crutches; instead, he helped unload the medical supplies from the plane and stood guard over the plane while Ed and Wendy traveled on to Chalabessa. In Ed’s words, Waddington was “a happy, active and healthy 10 year old with a bright future.”

Fast forward to 2017. Ed and Wendy were in Zambia and reconnected with Waddington yet again. At that time, 17 year old Waddington was attending the Grace Academy, founded by the Canadian charity Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry. Wendy wrote, “His favorite subject in school is chemistry. He wants to take as many science classes as he can to get ready for medical school. He was baptized last month!! He sings in the praise choir at Grace as well as plays the piano. Last week he started a Bible kids club at Grace to teach age 9 and up kids about the Bible. His favorite Bible verse is I Thes 3: 9-10.”

Waddington’s mother died when he was very young and he has two younger brothers. 16 year old Shepherd was born with club feet as well as a spinal development problem (kyphosis). He used to drag himself across the dirt to get around. Mission Medic Air took him for the surgery to repair his club feet, to get him the corrective spinal surgery that he needed. Both Shepherd and Innocent, the third brother, attend Grace Academy as well.

This past spring, Waddington graduated from Grace Academy and in July he began his undergraduate studies in Zambia. From orphaned youth, to severely injured and ill, to happy and healthy, to graduate… Waddington’s life is truly explempary of the grace and goodness of God. Saved and sanctified, Waddington will do amazing things for God.

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