Destructive Flooding Impacts Malawi

In California, where we are based, rain is a really big deal. Our summer security is dependent on the winter rains and we celebrate when the rains are robust. But of course, the rains can become too much, causing mudslides, flooding, and heavy, damaging snowfalls in the mountains. Imagine how much more destructive a heavy rain could be if your home was built of mud….

During the early part of March, torrential rains pummeled regions of Malawi, including the Zomba district where our friends at Passion Center for Children live and work. 99 homes were either partially or completely destroyed by the recent storms. 12 of those homes belonged to Child Headed Households. Child Headed Households are what they sound like, family units led by children with no adult supervision.

The Passion Center for Children works closely with 5 area churches. Of those 5, 2 were wiped out, including the recently planted Namikango church, which was built from grass and thatch. While this structure was adequate for launching the new church, it did not withstand the storms. Please join with us in praying that this doesn’t become a metaphor for the church body as well.

Bricks are essential to building a stable shelter that withstands the winter storms. But in the meantime, before the expensive bricks can get built, many houses need thatch roofing to at least provide shelter from the rains. Passion Center staff members are hoping to provide much needed thatching.

The Passion Center staff is working tirelessly to meet the needs of the people. Hundreds of people are coming to them for food and the staff members are going to visit homes in the area this week to see where the greatest needs are for shelter as the rainy season continues. At the same time, the Passion Center staff is using this period of increased ministry to preach the love of God. As people are receiving the literal bread of sustenance, they are also hearing about a loving God who knows them personally and intimately and loves them desperately.

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How Many Lives This Year?

Drum roll please! We’re ready to announce the numbers of patients in 2018 who received medical care in the clinics we support. We are staggering under the excitement, the joy, and the sheer magnitude of God’s goodness in taking our meager offerings and multiplying them. We truly feel like the little boy with the five loaves and 2 fish! Are you ready for this!!!!

At 1000 Hills Community Helpers in South Africa, Dawn and her medical staff saw 88,870 patients either in their on-site clinic or through their community health network whose volunteers travel into the local villages to provide first aid, medicine checks, and basic healthcare. Above, Dr. Karen Harte visits with a young patient at the clinic.

Tanzania Christian Clinic is a beautiful, well-established medical clinic that has grown to also support a school and many churches. In 2018, this long-standing support for the nearby Masai peoples treated 4,066 patients. Each year, we provide funding for staff and medical supplies for their shelves!

At the Passion Center for Children in Malawi, the Community Health Network volunteers saw over 2400 patients! Here they are in their lovely new scrubs, which we provided to give them a “uniform”! We have also provided several hundred pounds of medical supplies, bicycles for traveling to visit patients, and Bibles to share God’s word with their patients.

Village of Hope, Uganda, has 2 separate villages and therefore 2 separate clinics. Together, each clinic treated 6,678 children who live in the villages as well as adults and children who live in the surrounding areas. This year, we helped provide the funds for the clinics to be expanded physically and we provided ample medical supplies to stock these thriving clinics.

Mission Medic Air, Zambia operates differently than our other clinics. MMA arranges for doctors, nurses, and specialists to travel to remote villages and clinics to provide medical care on a regular basis. In short, the doctors travel to the patients rather the patients traveling to the clinic. In 2018, MMA brought medical care to roughly 1225 people in the hardest to reach places of Zambia. Our funding helped MMA purchase and maintain their Zambulance for transportation and we have provided medical supplies as well.

The Hunter Hanner Community of Hope Clinic on the campus of Rwanda Children treated 5,134 adults and children in 2018. Compassion Tea and CompassioNow also provide funding for the feeding programs run by Rwanda Children to help families in jeopardy of severe malnutrition. Stay tuned to learn more about these programs!
That comes to a grand total of 108,373 lives improved through medical care and through the amazing gift of healing in Christ! Praise God for His provision!