The Crossing Coffee Bar — Another Circle of Hope

The Crossing Coffee Bar in Carrollton, Texas, is now serving Compassion Tea! This addition of venue marks an amazing “crossing” of paths and purposes.
I’ve written about the concentric circles that ripple out from the sale and consumption of Compassion Tea.
And I’ve written about the hope those circles bring.

And now, it’s time to introduce another circle of hope.

Back in April of 2013, the CompassioNow Board of Directors voted to begin supporting Cindy Cunningham’s Village of Hope, Uganda. It wasn’t the beginning of a beautiful relationship, but rather a continuation of one, a solidification of that relationship if you will. Wendy Bjurstrom, CompassioNow founder and Compassion Tea Director, recently traveled to Texas to visit Cindy. As she left, she stocked her suitcase with Compassion Tea. Her goal? To share tea and save lives!
While in Texas, Wendy met with Karen Bledsoe and Marguerite Fenton from The Crossing, the coffee shop arm of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, Texas.unnamed

Bent Tree, the church Cindy Cunningham attends, supports many missions, including Village of Hope. According to their website,

“Bent Tree exists to be used by God as He transforms people into disciples of Jesus Christ here and around the world. At Bent Tree, we strategically partner with people and organizations to send financial resources and mobilize the Bent Tree body around the 4 C’s.
Church Multiplication: 
To see Life-giving, grace-based churches established.

City Transformation
: To see cities transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Crisis Response: 
To provide crisis relief and development through timely and strategic mobilization.

Children at Risk: 
To lift women and children out of three key areas: danger, poverty and illiteracy.”

Village of Hope falls under the Children at Risk category. For more information about Village of Hope, go here!

The Crossing donates its profits to these local and global outreach organizations. And now, The Crossing is going to add Compassion Tea to its offerings!

531583_525697764135862_715951706_n 599508_528256447213327_545006191_n
The café is located in the lobby of the church. With a weekly attendance of over 2000 people, The Crossing reaches a broad audience. Recent efforts to improve the ambiance of the café have made The Crossing “a place for great coffee and quiet conversation, veiled from the world.”

“This café hasn’t stopped at the church doors however and increases their efforts at reaching those outside of the congregation. Last Easter, the baristas took time to create baskets for employees working in nearby offices and included a free drink coupon. People who haven’t been involved in the community yet have a chance to do so. ‘We want to invite those outside of the church to partake in the refuge of the café. We’re not just serving the church, we’re called to serve the world at large.’”

The Crossing also serves Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, a coffee with a cause that is grown and produced by small farmers in Rwanda.
Now, when customers at The Crossing buy a cup of Compassion Tea, they will be supporting Village of Hope Uganda in two ways, through Bent Tree’s support of the orphanage and through CompassioNow’s support of the medical clinic in the village.
We are overjoyed at this addition of another circle of hope!

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