Compost Tea

Compost tea, according to Ancient Peaks Winery in Paso Robles, CA, “is a liquid extract containing soluble plant nutrients, beneficial plant compounds, and beneficial micro-organisms.”

In short, it is the liquid by-product of the compost pile. Ancient Peaks uses their compost tea to suppress disease, reduce “fungicide and fertilizer requirements,” to cut costs, and to “improve soil structure and overall plant health and vigor” of their vineyards.

I use compost tea, made with fruit and vegetable discards, coffee grounds, tea leaves, ash from the fireplace, and chicken droppings, to boost the nutrients in my garden. And for the indoor plants, I use half-consumed cups of tea for watering. Tea leaves are rich in nutrients and are very beneficial for the soil and plants.

I bring this all up because some of our Compassion Tea staff spent some time at the Ancient Peaks Winery this past weekend and saw their compost tea at work. And it reminded us of some earlier thoughts we had on Sustainability… thoughts that are still pertinent and relevant today.

(And remember, this earlier blog was written before our name change. CareNow Foundation became CompassioNow. To become a Compassion Tea member or to peruse our tea selections, visit

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