Five Minute Friday: Writer

My mom once told me that her aspiration for me was to write a book. I cower under that prediction most days, wondering how in the world I could ever craft a J.K. Rowling-esque manifesto of intricate plot and characterization. When a friend told me that I should write more I snarked, “With what time?” And then I made the announcement that I was going to write curriculum and I’m staring at that announcement like I’m having an out-of-body experience wondering who was it that uttered that insanity and how in the world can I go back and undo her blathering. But writing is me. And it may just be a 2 sentence Facebook post or it may be a poem composed while running or it may be a full on blog. But I do write words. And I write lives.
I’m in the business of creating character, in creating life-giving relationship and navigational skills in two little dear ones that God has placed in my current care. And of course the clock is ticking on that one and the world is growing louder in the ears of my kiddos. Calls to look and listen and do what is so enticing and shiny and fun but what leads straight down paths that are dark and defeating. My story is their story, at least the first part of it.
And I wonder what part of my story writing goes along with my letter writing to a little dear one in Uganda. As my letters wing their way halfway around the world, what are they taking with them and what will be sent back this way? It hurt my hand yesterday to write those words, to actually have pen in hand rather than a keyboard under anxious fingers. But it was so much more real, too. The movement of the pen, an extension of the soul. How will this plot develop? What characterization is forming? Is there resolution?
Writing is action that wells up from the soul. Living is the same. Writing and living, living and writing. And with 5 minutes rounding this out, I now have Francesca Battastelli’s Write Your Story on My Heart stuck in my head!

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  1. “Writing is action that wells up from the soul.” There is so much truth to this.


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