Wake Up Call

Throwback Thursday… let’s take a look back! (And remember, we’ve changed the name… CompassioNow (www.compassionow.org) used to by the Care Now Foundation.


On Sunday, when I picked Joseph up from his Sunday School class, he was carrying a blue piece of paper on which he had glued a picture of two boys in karate uniforms. An adult had written, “Who is your neighbor?” After discussing what he had played during Sunday School (superheroes, of course), I asked him, “Well, who is your neighbor?” I fully expected some kind of shallow yet adorable four year old response indicative of his world view, a comment that would make me laugh and I would post on Facebook for its cuteness. What I heard was far better. “Everyone is my neighbor, Mommy.” Everyone.

In my last blog, I talked about waking up from our slumber, about how we can easily throw money at causes and yet not connect in a compassionate way with those around us or with those causes we theoretically support. Mostly, we’ve fallen…

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