tea, tears, stethoscopes, AIDS… compassion


As if my stuffy nose wasn’t bad enough already, here I am sobbing in joy and sorrow simultaneously over the photos and videos coming out of South Africa across the miles and the miracle of the internet to my inbox. Good heavens.

Ever since I started reading William Faulkner in high school, I’ve been intrigued by the notion of parallel time. In the immortal words from the Lone Ranger, repeated beyond measure by my high school American History teacher, “Meanwhile, back at the ranch….” There’s this going on here and in the next house down the block, there’s that. Simultaneously. And around the world there’s this and across town there’s that. Simultaneously. I’m thinking this thought and you’re thinking that thought and somewhere it might intersect. This morning, I’m guzzling Compassion Tea Genmaicha Yamasakj (popcorn tea if you aren’t familiar) like an addict and simultaneously, Wendy’s in South Africa downloading…

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