Five Minute Friday — Story

In the middle or maybe the beginning. Story that started 10 years ago in a promise come true, heralded by shooting stars. But waiting today to find out if she is wanted. Will she make the cast? Will today write the lines for the next several months, years, decades? Will defeat close this chapter? She is a sweet song lilting through my story, drifting through the stories of friends, family, the greater story of God’s plan. The plot carries her, God’s plot, and watching is sweet and sorrowful and blessing repeatedly.

Juxtapose with orphans in Uganda. Not wanted, reviled, rebuked, forsaken, denied; their plots stunted, dead-ending. Enter Village of Hope, Compassion Tea, CompassioNow. Our story mingles, twists, intertwines, changes the ending. Wanted.

Cosmic story.

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  1. Wonderful images for your story prompt. Thanks for writing. Followed you from FMF. Have a blessed day!

  2. This was really lovely. God does amazing things when we allow our stories to intertwine with those whose stories are so very different from our own.


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