Nothing Wasted

On the way to school this morning, Jason Gray’s song “Nothing is Wasted” came on the radio. I happen to adore this song for it’s lyrical sounds. The cadences of the song remind me of ocean waves… the repetitive lull of the ebb and flow of water over sand… tumbling, crashing, raking, and sieving. And the words… “in the hands of our Redeemer, nothing is wasted”… strike a resounding chord in my heart. Heartache, pain, disappointment, and the bleeding for others’ pain and heartache that I experience even in the midst of my extremely blessed life… none of that goes unnoticed and unredeemed in my Father’s hands. Consequently, great joy awaits!

Well, I was enjoying this gentle reminder this morning … a welcome reminder as the kids and I are struggling through colds, my dad is in the hospital with heart troubles, people in Oklahoma are walking around in a tornado-induced nightmare of loss and pain, daily news reports shake loose any remaining confidence in our government, and the good people of Africa, especially in the rural parts, remain without so much. We need this reminder!

And then, my daughter says, “Mom! This is the perfect song for my field trip today!” Her class is heading to a recycling center to see how it operates. And yes, she is absolutely correct! Through recycling, we can prevent the waste of precious resources, turning yesterday’s garbage into tomorrow’s containers, energy, products, even art. Nothing is wasted!

Which reminded me of a project I did recently. My daughter recently celebrated her birthday. I have to laugh because we’ve run the gamut of birthday parties… everything from Gymboree parties to hired character parties in the backyard, from pool parties and gymnastics parties to slumber parties and Barbie parties. This year marks her maturing… her party request was for a tea party at the local tea room with a few of her bestest friends. Hey, I can do TEA! But what should the favors be? I’m tired of cheap party favors and goody bags that overflow… especially for her age group. After perusing Etsy and Pinterest, I decided teacup candles would be perfect. I posted on Facebook, “Does anyone know where I can find used, old-fashioned tea cups?” And I received a number of replies directing me to American Cancer Society shops and thrift stores. So, the next day, I headed to the Discovery Shop in town (ACS). I was thrilled and amazed to find a set of 6 matching teacups and saucers… demitasse sized with sweet little pink flowers. PERFECT!Image

Making the candles was easy. I tied the wicks to bamboo skewers balanced across the tops of the cups. IMG_1388Then, in a pan I have just for wax, I melted some old candles. The house smelled beautifully! I poured the wax into the cups, making sure to keep the wicks centered and upright. When the wax had hardened, I untied the wicks and hot-glued the cups to the saucers. I thought they turned out brilliantly.IMG_1392

I recycled teacups and candles! Nothing was wasted! And a pretty little reminder of my daughter went home with her growing-up friends. I wonder where those candles will go in the years ahead!IMG_1401

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