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There was a season of my life during which I hung on the every movement of the doctors of a certain ER. Their lives were fascinating as were the intersections of their lives and those of the patients who poured through their doors. Dramatic operating room and emergency room scenes depicted life-saving in action… sterile drapes, caps, gloves, instruments, walls, lights, meds aplenty. I don’t recall a single episode where the doctors called for an instrument or a med and it wasn’t readily provided by an eager nurse, not even that time the whole city was shut down from a monster snow storm and people were lining the hallways in need of medical care. That, of course, was TV.

Nor do I recall ever walking into a doctor’s office or ER or hospital and hearing things like, “We’re out of antibiotics; sorry we can’t help you” or “We’ll have to make do; try to get things as sterile as possible. But we’re out of caps, gloves, and drapes.” There has always been heat, light, water, cleanliness – one might even describe it as a cold sterility. This, of course, is my reality.

It is not the reality for so many people in Africa. CompassioNow has received a list of medical supply requests from Mission Medic Air Zambia. Written by hand and in the language of medicine, I find it difficult to translate. But I can make out things like theater caps, masks, and gowns; surgical and examination gloves; catheters; surgical blades; cord clamps; bandage; pain relief ointments; panadol (equivalent to Tylenol) tablets; cotton wool; ultrasound gel and paper; crutches; wheel chairs; braces; thermometers; and eye drops. Can you imagine? CompassioNow seeks to fill these requests for places like Mission Medic Air and the clinics it serves along with clinics in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. Collecting the items through donations or through purchasing the items using the money raised by Compassion Tea Company and from individual donors is only half the battle. Safely transporting the medicines and supplies is the other half… the more perilous half.

Currently, CompassioNow is collecting supplies for the Tanzania Christian Clinic in Tanzania and the Karero clinic in Kenya. Two Compassion Tea directors will hand deliver donated pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in June when they visit the clinics. How can you help? 1) Your purchase of tea from Compassion Tea Company provides funds for purchasing needed supplies! 2) Purchase supplies from the following list and send them to Compassion Tea! 3) Make a direct donation to CompassioNow! 4) Pray for the team as it prepares and travels to Africa!

Items requested for Tanzania/Kenyan Trip, 2013 Following is the initial list of items we are seeking for our trip to Africa in June. These are items that we pretty much take for granted here in the United States, but that are difficult to get in the remote medical clinics we will be visiting in Tanzania and Kenya. Contact us at or 1888-SHR-TEAS for more information.

• Pepto Bismal (tablets only) (Expiration date at least 6 months out) • Disposable Nebulizer Kits • Exam gloves – all sizes, but especially medium and large • Casting Material – Ortho Glass-Comfort (Synthetic Splint System) and Delta-Cast Soft (Semi Ridged Cast Tape) (Expiration date at least 6 months out ) • Ace Bandages (various sizes) • Sterile Gauze Pads and Sponges – all sizes ((Expiration date at least 6 months out) can get at CVS, Walmart, Target, Amazon etc. • Children’s Liquid Ibuprofen and Tylenol (Expiration date at least 6 months out) • Infant’s Liquid Ibuprofen and Tylenol (Expiration date at least 6 months out) • ENT Examination Equipment (including powerful odescope) • Digital Celsius thermometer (must be Celsius) • Neosporin or generic antibiotic salve in tubes. (Expiration date at least 6 months out) Every donation counts! And so does every prayer! Thank you in advance for your support!

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