What’s In Your Tea?


Camomile Tea… no grass or ferns here!

I received a letter from a friend the other day – a true, bona fide, handwritten-on-stationary letter via snail mail. What a great treat that was. My friend’s letter was thanking me for some tea I had gifted him and his wife at Christmas. He mentioned that he was grateful for the quality loose tea that he was assured had no fillers in it. I was puzzled. Fillers? What kind of fillers? Who would do such a thing?

Turns out ABC News recently did an exposé on fillers in food found in our grocery stores and tea is one of most frequently abused products. Turns out tea makers, in an effort to bring you highly affordable tea, will fill their little tea bags with things like fern and lawn grass clippings. Now, I realize that some teas, some very high-quality teas for that matter, have a grassy aroma which comes through during an official cupping. But that shouldn’t be because it IS grass! If you are paying for tea, you don’t want grass!

Here is the article and the corresponding video from the report. Better check your pomegranate juice and your lemon juice, too.

But with Compassion Tea, you don’t have to worry about fillers! Our teas are hand-picked, processed with the highest quality standards, and delivered to you in ways that make it easy to see what you’re drinking. I remember the first time I ripped open a Compassion Tea pouch of camomile tea. The plump, cheery heads of the camomile flowers filled the bag. They weren’t crushed beyond recognition. They were whole and so happy to look at… happy tea! And what a difference that made in the taste!

Fact: The more whole the tea leaves, the better the flavor extracted from the steeping. It also means you can steep the tea more than once and still have a delightful cup of tea. Our pyramid tea bags are shaped in this unique way so that the tea inside doesn’t get crushed beyond recognition. And of course, our loose teas are hand-rolled or hand-cut in ways that make them works of art in and of themselves. Have you ever really looked at the fineness of our Silver Needle Jasmine tea or our Jade Cloud tea, to name a few? As you steep the tea, the leaves change, grow, unfurl in graceful beauty. No fillers here.

Which leads me to think of that old beer commercial. What was it? Great Taste, Less Filling? Something like that. Well, with Compassion Tea, you have “Great Taste, No Fillers, and a Healthy Helping of Compassion for the World’s Least Served!” What could be better than that?

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