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Awhile back I heard an alarming report that teacups might be going completely out of favor with tea drinkers and be replaced by mugs. Now, an intrepid tea and coffee guy on Facebook has posted an item about kettle sales in the UK being down. Oh dear, is this signaling the demise of the tea kettle? As a kettle devotee, I had to look into this further. Could it be true? Here’s the scoop.

Mintel, a high-quality provider of Market Research, reported that sales of tea kettles in the UK has declined 7% in the past five years (8.1 million sold in 2007, and only 7.5 million sold in 2012). Sounds calamitous! The cause for this decrease is said to be that consumers are switching to using other appliances such as coffee machines, one-cup hot water dispensers, and microwaves (to heat the water). In addition, hot drinks are not as…

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