Compassion Tea’s Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Pouch available now at

Holiday Four Tea Gift Box highlights four of our most popular teas.

I barely got the Thanksgiving dishes washed and whamoo Christmas lights were up all over town. One day, the grocery store aisles were designed to steer you toward all you would need for a Thanksgiving Day feast and overnight the stuffing and cranberries disappeared and were replaced with chocolate, peppermint, baking supplies, and holiday cheer. In the blink of an eye it became “the most wonderful time of the year.”

My reaction reminded me of my husband. In the early years of our marriage, I discovered a penchant for moving furniture around, always searching for a better arrangement, more floor space, better TV viewing, something a little more chic. It got really bad in our first apartment in Amsterdam when I had a lot more time on my hands and a lot less furniture. This was difficult for Matt who operated by memory many mornings, stumbling toward the coffee pot with eyes at half-mast. When there was a new piece of furniture in his way, well, he had multiple stubbed toes as a result. He grew to hate change of this nature. I felt the same way about the rush of Christmas this year. I was really enjoying being thankful, quiet, deliberate; with Christmas upon me, I look more like a chicken with its head cut off.

At any rate, the holiday season is here and we will continue to hurdle toward it rapidly. We survived Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and I just noticed that Green Saturday is coming up. If perchance all of this consumerism hasn’t helped you work your way through your entire holiday shopping list already or if you just discovered a few teachers or colleagues you forgot to add to the list, I proudly present the TOP TEN TEA GIFTS available now at Compassion Tea Company!

1. Holiday Four Tea Gift Box
2. Holiday Pouch
3. Holiday Tea Caddy
4. Gift membership
5. Donate directly to CompassioNow in honor of someone
6. A gift certificate so the person on your list can pick out his or her favorite tea flavors
7. A pouch of tea with a recipe for your favorite cookies, muffins, or marinade
8. A plate of homemade cookies and a pouch of tea
9. 2 cup teapot with a pouch or two of tea
10. Make someone tea, share the afternoon, and send them home with a pouch of the tea you made.

There! Easy peasy lemon squeezey as the kiddos say. You can order all of these gifts at and to donate directly to CompassioNow, go to

Gentle disclaimer:  Purchasing tea gifts from Compassion Tea Company will do untold good for people in rural parts of Africa where medical care is scarce, where medical supplies run out quickly, where people are malnourished, fighting infections without antibiotics, leaving broken bones unset, and living with diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and yet don’t have any medical care or have to walk miles to receive care. To learn more about what your gift of tea can do, join our email list (, follow us on Twitter (@CompassionTea) or become a fan on Facebook. We share teas to save lives! So can you!

Happy shopping! May your toes remain unstubbed!

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