The Old College Try

What do you remember from your college days? I was watching via Facebook as the new students at Wittenberg University, my alma mater, arrived this past week. New Student Days… unpacking, bonding games with your dorm mates, learning the campus, and figuring out the food options… ahhhh, the good old days! Actually, that first year, probably the first month or two, everything felt so foreign. But by the end of my four-year tenure there, I owned that place! It sure felt like home and with the added independence of having a car on campus I knew Springfield and Yellow Springs quite well. It almost seemed incomprehensible that I couldn’t just stay at Wittenberg forever, cruising over to Young’s Dairy for an ice cream, watching the independent films in Yellow Springs, pontificating about literature with my favorite professors, sledding in the Hollow, or watching movies under the stars there, and best of all, chilling with my besties. But, I had a wedding and a new job and a new house waiting so onward and upward!

My college years were the ones that introduced me to tea. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what started it, but I remember having a brutal sinus infection my sophomore year and the only thing that kept me going was that giant tumbler of tea I carried to earthquakes and volcanoes honors science and to philosophy first thing in the morning. I must have had a hot pot to heat the water and Lipton was no doubt my tea of choice. After all, I was only a poor student! Yep, tea and my mom’s butter cookies… manna from heaven!

If this is making you feel nostalgic at all, you’ll be happy to know that Compassion Tea is introducing a new membership, our 9-month student membership! This membership covers the school year and is perfect for a parent, godparent, grandparent, or friend to gift to that special student heading back to the hallowed halls of learning. All you have to do is head over to our website (click here) and sign that special someone up for the 9-month membership and we’ll do the rest which includes sending two pouches of specially selected teas (about 50 to 60 infusions per month) directly to the student at his/her mailing address on campus. Just think of it as a warm fuzzy delivered to your student’s door monthly! And don’t forget the added bonus of also saving lives through this membership. Your purchase of a membership will help us send life saving medical supplies and medicines to “the world’s least served” in Africa.

Let’s give it the “old college try” and see how many student memberships we can get, how many students’ lives we can warm, and how many lives we can save!

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