Too Much Caffeine!

I was young and foolish. I had clearly had too much to drink. The drive home was perhaps the longest of my life. My heart was racing. My palms were sweating even though it was winter. My head felt like a balloon. I was pretty sure I was going to die right there in the car. Boom… my heart was just going to explode from beating so hard. Had you been in the car with me, you would have distinctly heard it pounding. I finally got home and my husband suggested we go to Bob Evans for dinner with his parents. To this day, I’m sure people in the restaurant could hear my heart. People around me consumed cup after cup of coffee and the smell was making me nauseous. I could hardly eat my pancakes. It was at this point in the evening that I determined I should never and would never drink coffee again. Caffeine was not my friend.
It started out innocent enough. A teaching colleague and I wanted to chat, to talk English, to share a cup of coffee. We drove to a coffee shop about an hour away to avoid the risk of running into students. Not wanting to appear naive, a coffee novice, I ordered a large mocha latte grande kind of thing. Over the course of the next hour, I consumed said giant coffee and sugar laced beverage. Big mistake. Huge! To this day, I can’t stand coffee.
Thankfully, the caffeine in tea is different. Its punch isn’t as profound for my caffeine sensitive self. Nevertheless, I eschew too much of it in order to avoid the headache that often follows overindulgence of the tea kind.
Instead, I enjoy fully the tisanes, the herbals, the rooibos teas. In fact, since I sat down to write, I’ve nearly consumed an entire tea press (the Dimbula 4 cup press offered under the accessories section of the Compassion Tea website) of Almond Rocker, a Compassion Tea rooibos offering. Rooibos teas are not made from tea leaves but from a red bush found in Africa. It has absolutely no caffeine. There are no horrific after effects… just complete satisfaction of tongue, belly, and soul.
Just this week, my tea drinking pleasure increased dramatically. Compassion Tea added a large number of decaffeinated black teas, decaffeinated flavored black teas, and even a decaf chai to their offerings. Earl Grey, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast are favorites of mine from the days I spent in England. Now, I can enjoy them sans the caffeine. And I can’t begin to explain my enthusiasm over a decaf Monks Blend… my hands down favorite for kick-starting my day.
I’m sitting tight however. I haven’t quite put in the massive order I want to put in. Rumor has it that Compassion Tea will be offering a decaf membership in the near future. Other Compassion Tea memberships offer discounted rates for products and shipping and handling as well as two teas mailed out once a month… all for a modest monthly fee. I’d like to be the first to sign up for a decaf membership. Then, I can have my Monks Blend and my Darjeeling… and enjoy them too!

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