Defying Logic

Every night, my husband or I read a devotional with the kiddos. Tonight’s passage was Hebrews 11: 1 which reads, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” The commentary that follows is written in God’s voice and tonight it emphasized talking to God about the things we hope for, sharing those hopes with Him, and working toward those goals knowing that His timing is often different than ours. Clara asked me after I read this, “Does that mean we always get what we want?” Phew. It’s 9:30 and I’m not sure I’m up for a full-on theological discussion. Hmmmm. “Well, sometimes what we want isn’t good for us, isn’t godly, doesn’t fit God’s plan for us. But when our wants and His plan mesh, then together we can make these things happen.” And then something prompted me to add, “And once God makes you a promise, He always keeps it… even if the timing isn’t exactly how you would want it.”
I went on to describe for her a very explicit promise God made to me, how He showed me He was making that promise, and how she and her brother, in God’s good time, were the fulfillment of that promise. Her speckled blue eyes shone. What a joy to be a fulfilled promise and to know that God will also fulfill His promises to her.
And yet, it somehow seems to defy logic, right? I’ve heard very educated Christians talk about how God doesn’t do miracles any more, about how He doesn’t speak to His people directly anymore. Even in church today, our pastor mentioned the complete absurdity of the notion that God would become mortal, human, lowly born, man in an effort to draw us back into a relationship with Him. It defies logic.
As Compassion Tea continues in its quest to provide steady and reliable funding for its charitable sister, the CareNow Foundation, we’ve already seen logic defied. My favorite example to date is from Ed and Wendy Bjurstrom’s trip to Africa in November. They were planning on meeting up with Nel and Geoff from Mission Medic Air in Zambia. Nel was hoping to run a few clinics around the time of their visit, a dental clinic and a clinic with a visiting optician. Before Ed and Wendy arrived, Nel was convinced she would have to cancel both clinics as she only had 4 pairs of reading glasses and not enough lidocaine to treat a single patient. Miraculously, Ed and Wendy arrived days before the clinics with 26 boxes containing 50 lidocaine injections each and 870 pairs of reading glasses!
Now, before you start explaining this away with logic, stop and consider the “gymnastics” of getting those eye glasses and boxes of lidocaine safely to Africa. The boxes of lidocaine were donated by CareNow USA, a completely different entity which sets up clinics in urban centers for Americans without health insurance. CareNow USA happened to be having a clinic in Los Angeles just before Ed and Wendy left for Africa and donated some of their left over medical supplies.
And how does one carry 870 pairs of reading glasses to Africa? In a duffle bag, of course. Ed and Wendy successfully navigated LAX, JFK, Paris, Johannesburg, Ndala, and Killamanjaro airports with 7 suitcases/duffle bags (only one dedicated to personal items, the rest were filled with donated medical supplies), each the limited 50 lbs. That in and of itself defies logic!
Then there were the “gymnastics” of clearing customs in Zambia. Ed and Wendy met a particularly zealous customs official who insisted on inspecting all of their bags, bit by bit. Despite the meticulous preparations on Ed’s part, this official tried every tactic he could think of to stop the “import” of these donated items. Timing, preparation, and a huge helping of God’s grace got them through the inspection intact.
The examples of logic defying moments go on and on. The mere fact that a year ago Compassion Tea was only a thought and is now reality with over 40 memberships and a steady flow of orders seems to defy logic.
Defying logic, however, is God’s speciality! Is this really impossible, improbable, unlikely, outside the realm of logical explanation? To our human minds, yes. And herein is the beauty! In truth, this is more along the lines of God fulfilling His promises… promises to the poor in rural Africa, promises to His people here who have heard His call to be compassionate to those less fortunate, promises made to individuals for His security, aid, and grace along life’s paths. To those who say God doesn’t work miracles any more, I say, “Ask those dental patients and the people who can now see! Ask Nel! Ask Ed and Wendy! Ask me.” Miracles are happening around us every day. That is something we can be sure of.

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