Hurry in the Harvest

There is an urgency in the air these days, a sense of haste even in the midst of crisp mornings and lazily warm, sunny afternoons. It’s my favorite time of year because the weather is so ideal. It’s the season of layers… piling them on and stripping them off. It’s the season of amazing colors… skies so vibrant azure that the greens and reds and oranges and yellows of the leaves look filtered, enhanced, Technicolor. It’s the season of dichotomy. Life feels so super-charged on those crisp mornings when you can see your breath for the first time, and yet, the smell of decaying leaves mingles on those mornings with the smell of last night’s fires in the fireplace. Even as the cheery faces of mums greet you, the crunch of dead leaves accompanies every step. And in the homes of small children, those fragile yet sturdy pumpkins nestle up with a reminder of death… perhaps a smiling skeleton or a silly sheet ghost. Halloween itself, today a festival of fun, candy, costumes, the lively screams of children running from house to house, grew from the festival of the Saints, a festival reminder of the soul harvest of the last year.
Harvest is the token word of the season. Harvest moons, harvest festivals, bring in the harvest, harvest bounty, soul harvest. I think the sense of urgency in the air is a part of that harvest mentality. Even as the squirrels increase the frequency of their trips across my fence in search of nuts, even as the turkeys are more plentiful along Foothill Road, fattening themselves for the winter, even as the harvest of my garden begins to taper and I turn my thoughts to winter plantings, the knowledge of the coming winter is pervasive. It calls us to soak in those warm afternoons, luxuriate in the blue skies, jump in every pile of leaves we can find. Winter is coming.
Harvest has everything to do with this month’s selection of teas for Compassion Tea Company’s members. Chris Faherty, co-founder of Compassion Tea, writes about her choice of the green genmaicha as one of this month’s special signature teas: “I grew up on a working farm in central Oregon and seasons are very important there for a variety of reasons. When we entertain I always plan my menu around seasonal things and have to bake an apple pie in the fall, make a strawberry cream pie in May, etc. The green genmaicha is actually made with toasted rice and gives a scent and taste to the tea that is toasted and “grainy” for lack of a better word. Drinking this made me think of harvest and the effort farmers put forth to provide us with nourishment. Even though rice is probably harvested earlier, October is harvest month to me. Hence, the selection!”
“What’s this?” you ask! Memberships? Yes! Compassion Tea Company has four different membership levels and each membership guarantees you the great taste of Compassion Tea every month. Every month, depending on the membership level you choose, you will be treated to two teas, either teas of your choosing or high quality teas, such as the green genmaicha, which are selected by Compassion Tea staff. The first three levels of membership are Compassion Member (for those who prefer loose tea, offered at $10 + $2.50 s&h), Compassion Pyramid Member (for those who like tea bags, offered at $12.50 + $2.50 s&h), and Compassion Elite Member (for those who may like a premium loose tea, offered at $15 + $2.50 s&h). The fourth level of membership, the Compassion Founder Circle Member, also receives monthly teas and has the opportunity for quarterly conference calls with one of the CareNow founders. This opportunity to increase your support for CareNow is offered at $50 + $2.50 s&h.
It’s the season of harvest, gathering the goods of the summer and preparing for the winter ahead. As we prepare for the cold, dark months, wouldn’t now be a great time to ensure a constant supply of tea and to cement your support for CareNow?

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