Bubbling Over

When I look back at life, I tend to view it in terms of snapshots – momentary clips that capture a particular emotion. Snapshots that come to mind when I think of Aunt Anne and Uncle Lee include Uncle Lee toasting us at our wedding, sitting on the back patio of their home in Alamo enjoying Bay Area sights and sounds and weather for the first time, being stuck on the side of 680 when our wine country tour limo got a flat tire, and Clara’s fascination with Aunt Anne’s piano playing.
But I have two favorite memories of this couple. The first memory snapshot is a literal snapshot, a real picture. Aunt Anne is sitting in a wheelchair in an airport. She has an enormous smile on her face and you can tell she is thoroughly enjoying the ride. Aunt Anne had no need for the wheelchair. She and friend Chris Faherty were transporting the wheelchair to a mobile clinic in Sinazongwe, Zambia, and the easiest way to transport it was by Chris pushing Anne through the airport. The two must have been giddy as school girls at the silliness of what they were doing. But that wheelchair elicited even bigger smiles when it arrived in Africa. I remember Anne excitedly sharing with us as she showed the picture that the wheelchair was delivered to a seven year old girl with Cerebral Palsy. The girl had never walked but had been carried everywhere on her mother’s back. All of her family came out to see the new “contraption” which at first was quite frightening. It took the pastor explaining how special this chair made her and how it would help her be more independent as she grew before the smiles came. But mother and daughter were so grateful, Anne relayed, with a very big smile herself.
The second snapshot that stands out was from the weekend Aunt Anne and Uncle Lee spent with us in early March last year. Shortly before, they had spent a weekend in Palm Springs with Chris and her husband, Jack, and mutual friends, Ed and Wendy Bjurstrom. While in Palm Springs, the three couples had committed to forming an online tea store to be called Compassion Tea. Lots of details still remained to be ironed out. But both Aunt Anne and Uncle Lee were on fire with enthusiasm for the potential of this company – not because of any personal expectations of self gain, but because of a true feeling of a calling from God, a clear direction from Him for serving His people. This enthusiasm was palpable all weekend and they and their co-founders have carried it for months as they have ironed out the details of the Compassion Tea Company. Every step of the way has been met with prayer and praise and palpable enthusiasm.
As Compassion Tea Company prepares to launch its website, we hope that you find this enthusiasm pouring forth, bubbling over, if you will, like a boiling teapot. Drink it in!

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