Not For The Impatient

“Okay, kids, I’m adding the water!” I pour the water in the mug and we hover, waiting to see what is going to appear.  Will it be an elephant? Or a dinosaur? Maybe a crab or seahorse? You know, the kind that comes in a little pill shaped container and when you add water it grows into a shape? Nope!

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you it was a tea flower, but that’s what it was! Straight from the recently stocked shelves of Compassion Tea Company. It was a little brownish green ball of tea leaves wrapped in an intricate manner so that as the tea leaves absorb the hot water, they slowly unfurl.

“Slowly” may seem like an understatement to the under 10 crowd. My children and I watched and waited. Several times, the kids asked, “When is it going to do something?” But of course, tea takes a little while to steep, and after about two minutes, we began to see the leaves waving in the water not unlike a bit of kelp waving in the surf of the Monterey Bay. The flower itself looks like a cross between a chrysanthemum and an aster, only washed in olive drab. As it grew in the water, it was oddly calming, a thing of beauty awash in the quiet of water. Momentarily, I got lost in the peace of the moment of watching and waiting.

Then, I took a sip! Clara and Joseph each took sips. We all agreed this was a tasty cup of tea. More refined than most of the tea I throw down during my occasional forays into tea these days, I realized this tea needed to be savored. Its rich green tea flavors took me back to favorite Asian restaurants, the more expensive ones, where the tea is served as a ritual, not like a common glass of water.  There were richer layers of flavor to this tea and I assume with practice I will be able to pick them out, much like comparing notes on a glass of wine. But what a delight for my taste buds!*

If you are interested in exploring this tea or other exotic, premium teas with me, let me know! Compassion Tea Company is stocked and, although the online ordering service won’t be up and running until September, we have order forms ready to take your order! Every penny of every tea sale goes to the CareNow Foundation. Nothing like saving lives while sharing tea! But hey, that’s Compassion Tea.

*Note: Because my life isn’t always conducive to savoring a cup of tea for long, I am pleased to report that this tea withstood a prolonged steeping, even though it is not recommended. And even tepid or cold, it is a delight to drink.

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