A View From The ER

I’m starting to get really good at praying in the ER. We can all agree that ERs are not the most relaxing place on the planet to begin with, but when faced with fears of disease, uncertainties about injuries, or the devastation of bad news, there is very little else one can do but pray. At least, that’s how I see it. Asking God to make His presence felt even more strongly in the moment is a calming reminder that He is always with us and like the popular “Footprints in the Sand” poem suggests, when we can’t feel Him most it’s because He is actually carrying us through.
So, last night, while sitting in the ER with my eight year old who was having a mysteriously difficult time of breathing, that’s where I turned. In the midst of praying for God to comfort little Clara who was a nervous wreck about the upcoming chest x-ray, asking Him to guide the doctors and Clara so that she could give them more information about what she was feeling, and begging for the strength to stand strong through whatever lay ahead, my mind started replaying how we ended up in the ER and contrasting that to a video I just saw.
Please watch this two part video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN3VJJcEXok&feature=relmfu and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpQT3gf2CiQ&feature=channel_video_title
Did you notice anything? Here’s where the contrast struck me most. Clara had been complaining of breathing trouble sporadically for the past 24 hours. She looked fine and actually seemed to be breathing fine to my untrained eye. But, she has a fear of doctors, so when she told me she thought she needed to see a doctor, I took her seriously. We hopped in the car and drove the 10 minutes to the hospital. It being after regular office hours for the pediatrician, we went to the emergency room. Within half an hour, two nurses and a doctor had been in to see us. After a thorough exam, a chest x-ray, and a tablet to help her nausea, we were released. It could be allergies or anxiety, but within the span of 2 hours, we knew there was nothing life threatening for our little angel.
Now, I realize that was a charmed ER visit as often ERs can be jammed packed with patients and the wait can be interminable. Nevertheless, contrast that with the 25 year old man in the video who was too ill to leave his bed, who was caring for 7 hungry children while deathly ill, and who had been released from the hospital the day before in this same condition. What would have happened to him if the clinic helpers hadn’t happened to make a house call that day? The children indicated that their mother had already died. Would this uncle die too? What would then happen to the 7 children? Why was the man released from the hospital in this condition?
Fortunately, while rural Africa is lacking the kind of sophisticated medical care we enjoy here in the US, there are organizations such as the 1000 Hills Community Helpers Clinic that are working to bring medical care and medicines and medically trained community members into rural Africa so that those who are in need of care can find it. Dawn Faith Leppan and her 1000 Hills Community Helpers Clinic are supported by the CareNow Foundation.
Soon, you, too, will be able to support Dawn Faith Leppan and her clinic through CareNow and its sister organization Compassion Tea. Are you as excited as I am! I can almost smell the tea!

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