Medicine, Please

It’s 98 degrees outside and I want a cup of hot tea. No, really. I’ve got a summer cold. Joseph and Clara have colds, too. In fact, I think Joseph, in his sweet way of sharing things, shared this. Brilliant. My throat was searing this morning when I woke up. Now, my nose is a stuffy mess, my eyes hurt, and my head is pounding. If I weren’t so hot, I think I’d be freezing. Just now, I sneezed seven times in a row. My chest feels like there’s an elephant sitting on it, my voice sounds raspy, and I could really use a nap. Oh how I hate a summer cold. I am a self-proclaimed poster child for misery.

Let’s see. I could walk about 5 feet over to the medicine cabinet and find relief. Almost like a candy shop, I can pick my “pleasure.” Will it be Mucinex, Zicam, Alka-Seltzer, Robitussen? Should I choose a pill, liquid relief, or nasal spray? And when the kids come asking for relief? Vapo-Rub, Benadryl, a mixture of honey and lemon should do the trick.

I feel miserable. But, boy, am I blessed. Have you heard of CareNow? This organization provides funds and support to groups who are trying to get medical supplies into the remote parts of Africa. But between corrupt  governments, dodgy transportation, and the cost of medicines themselves, this is a particularly daunting task. Here I sit, within easy reach of my own relief. Many of those medicines will expire before I get sick enough to use them. But there are people half way round the world who walk miles and wait hours to see a doctor and yet may not get any medicine for an illness much more serious than a summer cold. Wow.

Still, I can’t wait until the heat of the day gives way to the setting sun and its cooling effects. I will make a cup of tea… of Compassion Tea.

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